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August 30, 2019. Country estate Amerongen. We are very grateful for the Perplexz team. Bianca knew how to translate our wishes into a fairytale wedding with romantic and stylish decoration, a great setting! Our entire day was luxurious. Thanks to her experiences, it has led to a relaxing day for us as a wedding couple. We therefore strongly recommend Perplexz. In one word: fantastic!

Shera & Kees

Bianca is very talented in her profession. Her innovative ideas and solutions were extremely welcome, certainly because we were under a lot of time pressure. She ensured that I (the bride) could entrust a large part of the planning to her. On the day itself everything was completely arranged. The decoration was beautiful, and her team ensured that everything went well and on time. Her beautiful new seats were really the eye-catchers of the day!

Jacobien & Sadi

Bianca has greatly assisted us in organizing and dressing up our wedding, she thought along and after 1 conversation she knew exactly how we wanted our wedding to look like !!! Thanks in part to Perplexz, our wedding was truly unforgettable !!! So I absolutely recommend Perplexz !!!!

Edward & Bianca

Already at the introduction I had a good click with Bianca. She thinks along with you, is sober, to the point and funny. She understood exactly what we had in mind and how that fitted within our budget. The end result was fantastic, I could not have hoped that it would be so beautiful. We have received many compliments from our guests. I would recommend Perplexz to any wedding couple!

Ronald & Sabine

"Wow, Bianca has had a patience with me! I wanted everything to be different at the last minute. The whole thing turned around, but the end result was really FANTASTIC! Too bad I can't post pictures of it. Everyone is still talking about it ! I am very grateful to her for styling our wedding. It made our day complete! Love Tjebbo and Monique "

Tjebbo & Monique

Perplexz Styling is run by a super driven team. Rick and Bianca know how to approach a wedding, they have a lot of experience and they do much more than just styling. They think along, they supplement and they take a lot of hassle out of your hands. They are also very sweet and warm people and that is very important on such an important day as your wedding! Thanks for everything.

Anne-Mar & Roger

On the day of the wedding, Bianca realized the entire styling that we had gone through in detail. It is impossible to describe in words how beautiful everything looked. Photos speak for themselves so take a look. The entire day was perfectly planned and worked out to perfection. Bianca, thank you so much for helping us. The personal touch that we wanted you felt great. Thanks again.

Timen & Chantal (Ibiza)

The decoration of the Hooge Vuursche castle was beautifully done by Bianca and her team. All details were thought of! Super good and pleasant communication. We definitely recommend Perplexz if you like beautiful decorations to complete your day.

Bastiaan & Chantal

Love Notes

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